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Friday, August 12, 2016

What's It All For?

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  I hope everyone is having a great week.  Finally it's the weekend and baby it's time to boogie.  We have some amazing things coming up this weekend.  Some road trips, some awesome shows, and some real live Rock N Roll jam sessions.  I would like to thank everyone that came out to Bedford, IA for The Across The Border Raid last Saturday.  That event gets wilder and wilder every year.  Thank you for all the love and we hope to see you people again real soon.  Now for the good stuff.  Where are we going this week?  I am very excited to say that our acoustic group The Midnight Devils will be back in Omaha, NE on Friday, Aug. 8th for a return visit to The American Dream on 74th and F st.  This is going to be a free outdoor show and you better believe it's going to be out-of-control.  Saturday you get a special two-for evening and one hell of a road trip.  Starting at 6 pm Sniper and I will be making our debut at The Cotton Wood Cove Marina in Blair, NE opening for Poison Overdose, a Poison tribute band out of KC.  Then we head to Columbus, NE for a late show at one of our favorite bars on this tour, Micek's.  Columbus will be a 10 pm show.  Get ready to hit the road with The Midnight Devils.  Ohh and you know how I love to stir things up.  We have a mystery special guest that will be jamming with us this weekend.  Who could it be?

Huge thanks to Tyler Ellyson from the Columbus Telegram for this great article about The Midnight Devils and our upcoming performance.  Click Here.  Do us a favor and read, share, and retweet this article.

Last but not least I have the great pleasure of doing a live phone interview with Ryan on 93.5 The Hawk KKOT at 10 am Friday morning.  Tune in and let him know you are listening.

On to the meat and potatoes.  We have had a great summer thus far and I anticipate the next month or so to be even better.  It's the end of this run and that means we have to start looking towards fall and winter tours.  I just simply can't not play shows and roam around the country side.  I can't make any statements yet regarding the fall tour.  Maybe next week when I have a little bit more information I can fill everyone in.  Regardless I had an amazing conversation today with Scott from The 21st Saloon.  One hell of a bar owner and a guy that gave it all up to follow his dreams and run the best damn music venue in Omaha.  We chatted about 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils but mostly we talked about the bar and the music community in Omaha.  Scott is truly try to create something that is unique yet very personal.  In this day and age what separates a good music venue from a bar that has music?  It's simply the atmosphere, the staff, and the clients.  I don't want to get into some long winded rant about how people aren't appreciative of live music anymore.  We've heard that argument and we all know it's true.  There are a select few but I remember back 7 or 8 years ago a thriving punk rock music community surrounding a few great bars in Lincoln, NE.  We were a family.  We all lived together, partied together, toured together, and listened to music together.  We were the next generation of Rock N Roll.  Now it seems that sense of community is going away because the music venues are going away.  Is live music going the way of the dinosaurs?

I don't believe that for a minute.  There's something about a great rock n roll venue that changes a person.  It's not the same feeling you get when you go to see your favorite band at the big arena.  While that's awesome there something special about those shows in the sweaty clubs that revert us all back to the origins of Rock N Roll.  The real reason that we all started listening to this music.  Rebellion.  It's a sense of belonging to something bigger than any one person.  It's expression and art and feeling all rolled into one.  That feeling of playing live of "getting your rocks off" can't be replicated.  I know, I've tried.  That electricity in the air when the band is grooving and the dance floor is hopping is magical and instantaneous.  It's one of those moments that last only for a moment and then fades.  That's rock n roll baby.  That's why this will never die.  As long as it's from the heart and honest it's going to touch someone.  We've all been through a heap and these days everyone is stressed to the max.  Isn't it just great know that through music we have one of the greatest pressure releases in existence?  Tonight we come to rock and tomorrow we feel a whole lot better.  I can't give up and I wont give up.  That simple.

Thanks for reading.

Sam Spade

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