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Thursday, February 4, 2016

That's How It Goes Playing In A Band

New Blog.  What's up?  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face.  Gearing up and going mental.  Get ready to shake those winter blues away.  If you are reading this in the Midwest USA then you know how much of that powder white is laying on the ground.  The winter weather makes everything a little more difficult but not impossible.  This Friday, Feb. 5th we are melting the ice and heating up your snow pants with our Friday Night Rock N Roll Residency at The 21st Saloon. New sets, a few new songs, and tons of hot sticky action.  Saturday the band will be at rehearsals working on the new material for our new album.  If you are still looking for some fun in the proverbial Rock N Roll sun you can take a little road trip with Sniper and I to Dow City, IA for an acoustic Midnight Devils performance at Cheers Bar and Grill around 10 PM.  My goal is to be the bartender for at least 10 minutes at Cheers.  Sam Spade becomes Sam Malone.  Count it.  Also my radio show HAIR IN THE AIR will be on at 10 PM CST on 101.9 The Keg.  No excuses to not go out.  You've been cooped up inside watching reruns for the last three days.

Sorry to keep you all waiting for a blog.  I have been pretty quite lately.  We have been playing a ton of shows and that is great to keep my mind occupied.  The band is getting to that point that I dread more than anything else.  In the very near future we are headed into the studio to craft another album.  I realize I have been talking about this now since Sept. but with the advent of our Rocklahoma birth n the horizon we want to have something tangible to tour on this summer.  Not to mention we have been sitting on some of these songs for over a year now.  For as much as love being a musician and crafting songs I hate the studio.  We aren't even there yet and the stress is already eating at all of us.  I feel the last album "Midnight Devils" was a great representation of where we were at the time.  I wasn't happy with all the parts but I don't think anyone ever is.  I'm proud as hell of that record and the work we as a band did together.  With this next record looming on the horizon and the big festival/tour season right around the corner, we have something to prove to ourselves and to the world.  We have to capture that sound and that energy that makes us an exciting live band.  We have to collectively as 4 individuals get on the same page and the same mindset in order to put out the best quality work.  After all this one of the reasons we sacrifice so much.  Making records is a tough business but those records are our history.

Now while I say this I know I can't stress to much about the future.  There is nothing I can control there.  There is a positive note and that is the point that we must lean on in all of these tough matters.  The band is doing better than it ever has.  We are successfully navigating our careers in the path we want to be taking.  We are playing to more and more fans and doing it on our own terms.  At the end of the day I still do fully and whole-heartedly believe in Rock N Roll and I still get the chance to prove that every night.  We are being booked for more shows.  We are making connections with some amazing people all over the world.  It's really quite the give and take kind of relationship.  But I almost guarantee that if I look back through my journals and old blogs I said the same thing this time last year.  "That's how it goes playing in a band".  That's the dynamic and I guess you can say that's what keeps it interesting.  I've never played in a band that was perfect, never fought, or never had it's hard breaks.  It's that bands that rise up over the adversity that become great.  It's the bands that keep pounding the open pavement when everything around them is saying "Just stop it'd be so much easier".  Well I'm not stopping and I'm not giving up.  If anything I'm coming at you harder and I'm going to do it my way.

Always Loud
Forever Proud

Sam Spade

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