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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Letting It All Hang Out; "That's It?"

Hello Rock fans and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Another week down and another week closer to winter.  YUCK!  Have no fear because there are still a few weeks left to enjoy some live Rock N Roll surrounded by mother nature.  This week there is a bit of a change.  We will only be doing one show.  That is Friday, Aug 7th at Boji Bay Funhouse in Milford, IA.  We are very sorry to all of you that were hoping for a second Iowa date but unfortunately the powers that be pulled the plug and we are stuck with just one night to rock your face off.  No worries though.  This Friday we are returning to an amazing city in the heart of Okaboji for an all ages FREE blow out at a waterpark.  Break out those speedo swimsuits and mexican hats we still have some time to enjoy the warm weather.  Last year we had an absolute blast and we are looking forward to and even better crowd and bigger party.  As I stated before Saturday we will be taking the day and night off, well not really.  After next weekends shows the band will be taking two weeks off to hit the studio to begin recording our 5th album.  So Saturday will be spent diligently working on our new batch of original tunes.  If you are still looking for some action I can almost gaurantee some of the boys will be out on the town cause trouble and making a scene.  Also don't miss Hair In The Air Radio Saturday Night on 101.9 The Keg 10 PM -12 AM CST hosted by your's truly.  The rock never ever stops.

As we make this mad dash towards the last few weeks of summer and eventually recording our next album, I am trying to remember the feelings I went though right before we sat down to do the "Midnight Devils" Album.  That was my first big recording, my first full length album, and my first taste at songwriting.  I had grand illusions for that album and I think we succeeded with many of our goals and dreams for that record.  Two years later we are wiser, better songsmiths, and a tighter unit.  The Rock N Roll ideals and fundamentals are all still there and we aim to keep as much of the recording process the same if possible.  Don't expect anything weird or out of your comfort level.  We are a dirt guitar oriented rock band.  Expect big choruses with catch hooks.  Expect riffs that go on for days and get stuck in your head while you are trying to sleep.  I think our goal at the end of the day was to follow up "Midnight Devils" with a better sounding and more thought out piece of work.  We are artist and the best part about this band is that we get a chance to fully express ourselves.  We aren't copying anybody or imitating another person.  We are letting it all hang out, our hearts and souls for the entire world to see.  If people dig it, thats great, but if they don't that ok too.  We've gotten our release.

I will do my best to keep you updated from the studio and build your excitment and anticipation.  The songs are there and I think they are head and shoulders better than the last album.  If you have been in attendance at some of our shows, by now you have heard some of the better songs and the ones we have been working on for quite a while.  Those songs we are very proud of and you will soon see them they way we do.  I think most of all what I am looking forward to is spending some good quality time with my bandmates creating the next chapter for 3D In Your Face.  After recording then it's time to select a single, get the album, shoot a video, release the album, promote the album, and eventually tour in support of the album.  We will be working on our future and the future of the band.  That is what get's me going and keeps me up till 5 AM tinkering on song lyrics.  Maybe I don't go out as much as I used to but I think this right here and right now is much more important than anything else I could be out doing.  Just you wait and see.  The Rock N Roll wheels are in motion even if they may be sparking and shooting out flames.




  1. Awesome Sam! I miss you and the guys so much! GREAT BLOG!! You are always so dedicated to your fans, they feel it and know it and that and your unbelievably talented music Is why you guys are so very loved

  2. Awesome Sam! I miss you and the guys so much! GREAT BLOG!! You are always so dedicated to your fans, they feel it and know it and that and your unbelievably talented music Is why you guys are so very loved

  3. Great blog post. Looking forward to the next album.