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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

So What Happened? The Low Down.

Hello Rock Fans.  Welcome to Hair In The Air, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I know exactly what all of you are thinking and trust me I will get to all of it later on in this blog.  As many of you know Sunday we dropped a bomb on everyone by announce the departure of our drummer Dax.  With this out in the open we are moving forward and the future is bright as ever.  I've always said that no one is ever just going to give you anything.  The pot of gold isn't going to just land in your lap.  You have to go searching for it and that's exactly what we plan to do.  This week marks the very end of our summer tour.  We are kicking off two shows this weekend to seal up The 2015 Summer Tour.  Friday, Aug.  14th we are making a return visit home sweet home for a special one night only Rock N Roll party at The 21st Saloon.  This show will be sponsored by Atomic Garage Flea Market and Gifts.  I suspect this will be one of those wild shows.  It's been over a month since we have played to the public in or around the Omaha area.  Heading home.  Saturday, Aug. 15th we are be headlining Wormsfest in Worms, NE.  There will be bull riding, openers Whiskey Bent, and we will be closing the night from 10:30-1:30.  Last year they had 2,500 in attendance.  This show will is being put on by Nitecrawlers bar and will be held at The UBT building.  $15 advance tickets, $25 day of show.

Now for the goods.  What really happened?  Well honestly we are pretty much telling it like it is.  Thursday night at rehearsal Dax approached us with a very heavy heart and told us that he was putting in his notice.  He would fill out the rest of the dates but he just didn't think he was right for this group.  He handled it very professionally and now looking back after the smoke has cleared away I see his side of the story.  Dax became a great friend over the last year and he brought a lot of good to 3D In Your Face.  Personally I am sad to see him go because I feel like we bonded on stage and off.  To say I wasn't devastated by this news would be an understatement.  I was floored, I was pissed, and most of all I felt like the weight of the world now hung on our next move.  I counted it out and this Dax was the 6th drummer that I have parted ways with.  That made me wonder if I was the problem.  I soul searched for a few days and I think I still am.  Sniper and I keep calling each other and it's the same thing, "You in a funk?"  "Yeah."  "Me too."  All joking aside I am thankful to have amazing band mates, a great road crew and a killer support system to help me through this.

Where does that leave us is the next question.  Well, as I said earlier, nobody is going to give us anything.  At this moment we are looking at a few prospective drummers.  We will be auditioning and picking out the guy that fits perfectly into this band.  Our goal has always been to put on the best live Rock N Roll show possible.  The guys It's never going to be easy, if it was everyone would play in a Rock band.  The recording of the next album will be put on hold until we get the new guy up to speed.  We will be making our next tour announcement when we have the drummer lined up and ready to reveal.  I told you last week we are sitting pretty at around 10 completed songs for the next album.  It's there, it just needs that missing piece of the puzzle.  The guys and I take this very seriously.  It's not just a job or a gig this is our life and has been for many years.  In all reality who knows what the future holds.  I do know that we will make this work and we will make this band even better.  Dream big.  Many next week when I sit down to write this blog I will be putting my foot in my mouth again.  From where I stand it's never a dull moment.


Sam Spade

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  1. Mab you should change your name to spinal tap,they had trouble with drummers!!...Kidding aside good luck!