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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spreading A Little Sunshine

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I hope everyone is having a great week.  Get your rest because you are going to need it. Summer tour is right around the corner and once Feb. is over things start heating up.  This week we are very pleased to announce that we added one more show to the weekend of fun.  First of all I want to let you know that both shows we are doing this weekend will be going to benefit The Marchi Gras Foundation for the Sunshine Kids.  This is the real deal.  This is our chance to give back and help people with our gifts and talents.  Our first show is Friday, Feb. 20th at The 21st Saloon.  We will be taking donations on stage and at our merch table that will go to support the Sunshine Kids.  The Marchi Gras Foundation will be sponsoring Friday's show.  Saturday, Feb. 21st we will be headlining the Marchi Gras Pump-Up show at The Chrome Lounge.  It has been 3 years since we have set foot on the stage at The Chrome Lounge and we are beyond excited to show you people what we have been up to.  This show is also in support of the Sunshine Kids Foundation.  For only a $7 donation you will get the chance to enjoy three great Rock N Roll bands and do your part to help out these amazing children.  This weekend isn't about us, this weekend is about doing something good for someone else.   It's truly an honor for 3D In Your Face to be able to give back.  We have always said that we are nothing without our fans and I am very proud to say that I know 3D In Your Face fans have the biggest hearts.

Upon deciding what I wanted to write about I was working on a few different things.  I have begun writing a song about growing up in Fremont, NE.  I am going about writing the lyrics a bit differently and I thought that would be pretty interesting to share.  I think I will save that for next weeks blog.  This week I want to write a little bit about our home away from home The 21st Saloon.  This bar has been the biggest supporter of 3D In Your Face and the 3D In Your Face Army for nearly 3 years.  Before Scott, the current bar owner took over things were a lot different than they are now.  When we first walked into the bar we weren't greeted with smiles and warm hello's.  We weren't greeted at all but told to move all the couches off the stage to make room for our equipment.  Good freaking morning.  At first it seemed like we were paining the bar staff by being there at 3 in the afternoon.  We couldn't make noise, couldn't move any of the lights, and forget about the fog machines.  There were no flyers, no social media support, and no support from the owner.  You don't want me to go on the "bar owner supporting and promoting the bands that are booked" rant.  I could write a freaking novel.  Needless to say we toiled at this bar for sometime before we finally saw any glimpse of success.

Then there was a change and Scott took over the bar and I actually found a bar owner that believed in helping promote shows as much as I did.  The idea was to make a live venue and a show that people would want to come to week in and week out.  The first changes began with the staff.  Scott has always hired the brightest and best bartenders and waitresses I have ever met, and I go to a lot of bars.  I don't want to make the Cheers comparison but I will.  Then we noticed the flyers hanging on the wall and the social media push on Facebook.  Scott has been willing to work with us on every idea we have brought into him.  A residency show is a very tough thing to do and to keep it fresh and interesting is essential.  We are constantly changing the set list, lights, and production to keep fans on their toes.  We want fire. "No Problem".  We want a rope swing "No Problem".  We want to use your office as a dressing room.  "Don't sit in my chair and we wont have problems".  The partnership 3D In Your Face has with The 21st Saloon is unlike anything I have ever seen in Omaha.  No bar or club or band can even dream of competing with us, and I'm not just saying that because I am biased.  Don't forget about Thursday Blues Night.  The 21st Saloon has come a long way and so has this band.  We are finally starting to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel but I don't want to jinx that.  I have played in clubs all over the country and can safely say that Scott and The 21st Saloon is the real deal.  A music venue ran the way a music venue needs to be run.  It's a breath of fresh air and it's a beacon of hope shining brightly in Omaha, NE.


Sam Spade


  1. Thursdays are my favorite night of the love ya Scott Chappy

  2. You guys have a rope swing now?!?! I've missed so much! -Tina

  3. Vert Well ssaid Spade. And yes I swing on a rope!!!!!