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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"The City Never Sleeps. The City Never Rests".

Hey everybody.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Right now I am coming to you a little later than I usually do.  Sorry I wasn't sure if I was even going to write the blog this week or not.  Nothing tragic just a lot on my plate, much like everybody else.  In just a few short hours I will be heading to Omaha to begin the work week.  Radio, rehearsals, shows, and much much more.  I know this happens every week but I am excited to get back with my bandmates.  My brothers in arms.  The most disfunctional family you could ever know, but someone I look forward to getting together with those guys.  This week we are only playing one show.  Friday, Dec. 5th at The 21st Saloon.  An all out bash.  Last week we were honored by the presence of some royal dignitaries from up North.  I wonder who is going to show up this week.  Friday's show is sure to be a blast and a half.  We have been diligintely adding new songs to our setlist.  Last week we debuted "Sweet Child O Mine" and "Love In An Elevator" to the Omaha crowd.  This week with the return of our beloved stage crew we will be playing a very special Joan Jett song.  Sung by our very own merchandise manager, Sweet D.  I just can't wait for that current to drop on Friday night.  The party really gets rolling when the wild ones are out.

3D In Your Face has been nominated by Jim Santora for The Rockcast Top 40 Poll for 2014.  If you remember back to January and February, we were in a heated race and actually took home the Triple Threat Championship.  An honor that I will never forget.  Go HERE and vote for 3D In Your Face.

This week marked the end of our "Forbidden City" crrowdfunding campaign.  My goal here is to shed a little light and answer any questions you may have about what we are trying to accomplish.  When we first set out to shoot our next music video we came across the perfect location.  The creative juices and ideas were really flowing.  I had happened upon this website that let you creat custom shirts to help fund whatever you wanted.  I thought that this would be the perfect way for you, our fans to be apart of this next music video.  The idea was to create a very one of a kind t-shirt that express the theme of the music video.  A time capsule of sorts only emblazened on the front of a t-shirt.  You will always remember where you were when you see that t-shirt hanging in the closet.  On the other hand I wanted to get this out quickly.  I didn't want this to take another 6 months of deliberation and arguing to make happen.  With the help of Corey, Lisa, and Scott Phillips, and many late nights we came up with the "Forbidden City" t-shirt which is now being printed as we speak.    Now the tough part began.  The scirpt for the music video was a whole other animal.  I believe we have crafted a very powerful script that will exactly capture the meaning of this song on film.  This video will not be anything like the "In Your Face" video.  A little darker, a little edgier, but still the same big haired bad boys you have come to love.

Stream "Forbidden City"

Right now we are coordinating with our amazing direct Jeremy Partridge, who filmed the last video, about the shoot date.  We have settled upon two days and we are just awaiting the go ahead to begin full fledged freak out.  I am coordinating with our amazing actress Megan, who some of you may remember from The Glam Gore Girls.  She will be the girl from the front of the t-shirt.   We are putting all of the pieces together for what is sure to be one of the hardest nights of our lives.  Honestly I can't wait.  It's a pleasure to stand up with my brothers and stare into the unknown and in this case it's a dark crypt inside an old monestary.  The song "Forbidden City" itself was our opening song throughout most of 2014.  I think it's only fitting that this next chapter in our career come from the begining of our last chapter.  Very very poetic.  By the way a little dirt on the new album.  Shhhhhh.  Just because you are HAIR IN THE AIR faithful you are privey to this knowledge.  As it sets we have demoed out three new songs.  One you have heard but two you haven't.  For now that is all the information I can give you.  A taste.  Just enough to wet your lips.


Sam Spade

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