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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Money For Nothing by Special Guest Blogger DaX

Hey everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face.  The cold is setting in across the USA and things are looking much more like a winter wonderland than any of us really wanted.  The cold has no effect on our Rock N Roll machine.  3D In Your Face is rolling strong this week as we prepare for a big road trip West.  First of all thank you to all the radio DJ's that have played our songs this week.  We are honored and humbled.  This Friday, Nov. 19th and Saturday, Nov. 20th we are taking this Rock N Roll party to our "home away from home", Shooters in Kearney, NE.  A wild place that always draws a huge crowd and knows how to bring the intensity.  Our kind of place.  Also due to the high demand we are very proud to announce that we have added Full Zip Up Hoodies to our "Forbidden City" crowdfunding campaign.  This is the first time in the bands history that we have had hoodies for sale. So pick your's up just in time for Chirstmas and help us make this next music video a success.  
"Forbidden City" T-shirt
"Forbidden City"  Hoodie
Mark your calendars I will be doing a live interview with DJ Bryce Dolan Friday, Nov. 19th at 12PM CST on KLPR out of Kearney.  Also The Kearney Hub newspaper will be running an interview I did with writer Rick Brown on Friday as well.  
Now ladies and gentleman I have been wanting to get my new partner in crime involved with this blog for quite a while and finally the stars have aligned and things are well with the world.  I give you from Omaha, NE my favorite drummer in the world Dakota "DaX" Nielsen.  

Hey hey, what's going on?! This is Dakota aka DaX at the helm of the blog today. Spades been on my ass to write this thing for about a month so here goes nothing! =p
Right now, it is 3:41 in the afternoon. I am currently sitting in the studio at Guitar Center attempting to write this blog, not be discovered, and prepare myself for my 4 o'clock lesson. It's a full day to say the least but like most days I do find a decent amount of time to sit and think back to how all this came to pass. The sacrificed summers spent practicing my craft, the cancelled family events and plans in the name of a gig or show, and the constant drive to be the best that I can. When I really stopped to think about all of this a few days ago, I realized that this rockstar life, the illusion of luxury, really gets under my skin.
The average person meets a stranger for the first time. They begin to talk about pleasantries and what they do. The average man sells insurance, manages a Pizza Hut, or owns his own business. He can actually say that because he was voted Best of Omaha last year, he has the ability to blah blah blah, x, y, and z. Anyone can see his work and dedication transparently. She obviously has a strong work ethic, she was promoted after only a month on the job. Whatever the case may be. But musicians, we are examined a little differently.
Once we spend a few moments convincing you that no, we don't live out of our cars... We begin with our victories. The auditions that landed us great bands. The session work that pushed us further in our own playing and talents. Or the aspirations and dreams we have. To too many they appear as just that. Dreams, goals, or the unattainable light in the distance. It seems so unrealistic to make a decent living off of music it's just easier to assume we're either dating a girl or homeless.
This path doesn't have a lot of instant satisfaction or gratitude for your time. But what I know, I give every time I take the stage, you will never forget. We are entertainers. Working, original, creators, that do what most wouldn't dream to try. And now, I feel like I'm working with people that believe just like I do and have the tenacity to back it. Chris, Sam, Alan... All I can do is thank you for the gig and say I won't let you guys down.
With love and loudness, The rock revival machine.

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