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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rock, Rock, Rock N Roll Radio

HELLO all you fiends, friends, and fanatics.  Welcome to another edition of HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I have a very special blog for you tonight but before I get into it I want to let you know about next weeks blog.  Next week and for three weeks after I will be handing the reins of HAIR IN THE AIR over to Jim Kaufman, a long time 3D In Your Face fan and personal friend.  Jim is the creator of The 3D In Your Face Army page on Facebook.  He will be interviewing each member of the band and asking the tough questions that you want to know.  Next week, Jim will start by interviewing me (Spade).  So if there are some questions that you would like to ask please go to The 3D In Your Face Army page, like the page and send him a message with your question for any of the boys in the band.  How exciting is this going to be?
Friday, Jan. 31st we return to The 21st Saloon.
For this weeks blog I want to get the word out about a few radio shows that we will be taking part in this week.  Get those calendars out and mark these dates down.  Don't worry the I will blow up your Facebook news feed anyways.  If you didn't know I graduated from The University of Nebraska with a major in Broadcast.  I have always loved the excitement of live radio especially hard rock and heavy metal radio.  So it comes as no surprise that I have been scouring the internet finding stations that are interested in playing our music and interviewing me about our new release, "Midnight Devils".  Let me tell you radio is not dead.  A subculture of amazing DJ's, hardcore fans, and long time listeners have been keeping radio alive for years.  I am very honored to be associate with all of these.  Take a look and listen you might like what you find.

Wednesday, Jan. 29th we will be featured on The Jim Santora Rockcast.  Jim is no stranger to Rock N Roll radio.  He has been destroying air waves since 1987.  His show The Jim Sanotra Rockcast has been alive since 2007.  Every week he pits three independent bands against each other in The Triple Threat Match.  At the end of the match all the fans vote and the winner survives to fight another week.  3D In Your Face has been the reigning champs for 4 weeks running (our goal is 10 weeks).  Please do us a favor this week tune in at 8 PM CST at, listen to the Rockast, vote for 3D In Your Face, and join the revolution.

Thursday, Jan 30th DJ Yentonian will be playing our first single on Birmingham Steel on 107.5 Switch Radio out of the UK.  Tune in at 2 PM CST.
Also on Monday Feb, 3rd DJ Yentonian will be playing our lead of track "Forbidden City" on Monday Night Ruthless Attitude on Midlands Metalheads Radio.  Tune in at 3 PM CST.

Saturday, Feb 1st is going to be the night I will be destroying terrestrial radio.  First of all at 8 PM CST, my own radio show HAIR IN THE AIR will be playing on The Big O 101.9 FM.  I will be spinning the loudest hair metal and Rock N Roll I can possibly find.  As you get ready to go out I will be getting your ear holes nice and loosened up.
At 12 AM CST, Feb 2nd I will be stepping into the KZUM studios with Dr. Rock and The Medicine Show.  Dr. Rock is dedicated to true music variety, the way radio was meant to be.  The great Dr. has been on the since 2003.  He will be spinning the entire 3D In Your Face discography (4 albums) and I will be doing a live interview to talk about our newest release.  Drink some more coffee you are going to want to stay awake for this interview.
Check out the new tour flyer created by our resident photographic genius CHAPPY.  
Monday, Feb 3rd I will be on The Jungle Radio Show on WXAV out of Chicago.  I did an amazing interview with the one and only BC, The reigning kind of Chicago hair metal, and he will be airing our conversation Monday night.  This show starts at 9 PM CST.  BC was truly one of the funnest interviews I have done, a true Glam Rock/Hair Metal pioneer.  This one is going to be a fun listen.  .

If you know somebody with a Rock N Roll radio show or you are a DJ that is interested in setting up an interview or spinning our new album please email me at  I promise to respond to everyone.

Sorry for the long blog.  Lots of stuff to chat about.  Most importantly don't forget we will be back at The 21st Saloon on Friday, Jan. 31st.  Our sponsor for the evening will be D-Rocks Music out of Papillion, NE.  They will be giving away some D-Rocks t-shirts and talking about all things musical.




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