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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Steady Rollin'" 1 Year Anniversary.

Steady Rollin'.  Hello and welcome back all you heavy metal maniacs.  You Rock N Roll junkies.  You glam slam fist-in-the-air problem children.  It's time for another edition of HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  If you are just joining us or have been reading this blog for a while, THANK YOU.  I am very honored and proud to say 3D In Your Face is halfway through our "Midnight Devil's Summer Tour".  Things have been real hot and heavy over the last few weeks.  There is no better feeling than being out for the summer.  The shows have been going great.  The crowds have been electric.  We have made some amazing friends over these burning summer nights.  Thank you to everyone who has come out and supported us.  There are big things coming down the line.  Hell, you know what I am talking about.  A new record, a new residency, and a bigger and badder live stage show.  I don't have to tell you these things but I am excited so you may as well be excited too.  Last week we were in Fremont and once again Fremont didn't disappoint.  Thank you.  We also played at Wayne Chicken Days for the first time and lets just say we set that town on FIRE.  They sold out of beer three times during our set.  Now that is a street dance baby.  "Steady Rollin'" all summer long.  I LOVE THE SUMMER TOUR.

Enough about me, today we are here to recognize one of the cornerstones of 3D In Your Face.  This weekend marks the one year anniversary of Chappy (Jason Husak).  Our beloved stage manager and guitar tech has officially been in this band and traveled with this group for an entire year.  I can guarantee you that he has enough stories for a life time from this one little year.  I am so proud and honored to call Chappy my friend and brother.  It has truly been my pleasure to have him in my ring corner every night, no matter what.  The story of Chappy goes back a little further than a year.  We met Jason at our first residency at The 21st Saloon.  He took that fateful picture that caught our attention in a lot of ways.  3D In Your Face was down and out looking for a guitar tech to handle the duties and no one would step up to the plate.  I put up a craigslist add, I got some phone calls and some emails but I couldn't pull the trigger because I wanted someone that I could trust with my life.  Jason shot me a call one night and expressed interest in the job.  We had met a couple times but never really talked very much.  I could tell from that first phone conversation that this was a match made in heaven.  I invited him to our show in Hartington, NE for The Cedar County Fair as his first trial by fire (ha ha. Your like what I did here?)  He drove his own vehicle two and half hours to meet us for load in.  By the time he got there we were all done and at dinner. Sniper rolls out of the bus and the very first thing he says to Jason is "Did you bring any other shoes? You can't load gear in flip flops."  Classic Sniper.  I ran him through our set and he did an amazing job that night.  The first night of a budding relationship.

Jason 'Chappy' Husak is  100% Rock N Roll and 100% real.  Everything he does makes me laugh.  We have become great friends over this last year and I thank God he came along when he did.  Without him we would be nothing.  I LOVE YOU BUDDY. Happy one year anniversary you deserve this more than anybody I know.  Thanks for always being there.

Since we are calling out road crew members in this edition of HAIR IN THE AIR.  There are a few guys that celebrated birthdays that never got the mention they deserve.  First of all I would like to wish our sound man Troy 'Phase 2' Way a very happy birthday.  Troy has been with us now for a will and has become one of my best friends as well.  Troy is a real life super hero and I always look up to him.  There is nothing that he can't fix, there is nothing that he can't lift, and there isn't a band that he can make sound bad.  I have seen him work for 24 straight hours and never flinch or loose his cool.  He is a talented vocalist and lyricist (shhhh) and he is one of my very best friends.  Thank you so much for dealing with us and for never giving up.  My brother from another Fremont mother.  YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF.  I am proud to call you my friend.

Our second birthday celebration is for Dave 'Lightning' Frame.  Since the day I joined 3D In Your Face, Dave has been played a huge part in my life.  We became quick friends as road crew members for the band.  For 8 years I have been his weekend room mate and for that I am eternally thankful.  There has always been a spot for me to crash no matter what time of day.  I have learned a lot from Dave and I consider him the most talented lighting guy I have ever met.  Dave has been there and done everything, he is a very worldly guy and the advice he gives I never take for granted.  There aren't enough thank you's to give to Dave.  I am very proud to have traveled with you all these years.  Thanks for everything.  I hope I can crash on your floor for another 8 years to come.  HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY.

Ok, sorry we went a little long there.  We are back out again this weekend.  Friday July, 19th we will be playing in Hartington, NE at The Cedar County Fair.  Excpect a huge BLOW OUT from us.  We will also be playing with The Dweebs Friday night.  This show was great to us last year and we are more than excited to be returning for another round.  Saturday, July 20th we will be playing in Pilger, NE for the Pilger Street Dance.  If you are looking for some Rock N Roll fun this weekend get your ass in the car and make a road trip with us.  You never know who you might run into and what story you will take home. Most importantly if you can't make any of these shows please listen to my radio show HAIR IN THE AIR Saturday nights at 8 PM on The Big O 101.9.   Kearney, NE we are at 10 days and counting.




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  1. Thanks for all of the kind words brother it has been my honor becoming friends with all of you ...... lets rock and roll all day and party every night love ya chappy