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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spades Birthday Blog Written By Guest Author Sniper

This is a special blog this week for 2 reasons first and foremost its Spades birthday and second I asked Spade if i could write it and give you guys an inside look at the other side of Spade. I will readily admit I'm not a blogger at all so I will apologize in advice for my blogs shortcomings.
       I actually did an interview with Sam to get a little more background on his early influences and bands and likes and dislikes etc....
       The first time I actually met Sam was at the Chrome Lounge when 3D In Your Face was playing a gig there. I was not in the band at the time and had never seen them before. He was their guitar/stage tech and merch salesman. He was going 100MPH . I was like "who the Fuck is this guy with the 2 feet tall hair  ". He was a little drunk and selling merch like a madman!!!  Soon after that they had him get on stage and play a song with them. He was even more intense when he got onstage!!! He ran around the whole club and had so much energy and intensity it was unbelievable!!!! I left the club thinking "wow that Sam dude is a madman".
       The next time I actually talked to Sam was March of 2011 in Wayne ,NE at a gig called The Rugby tournament . Their Guitar player wasn't able to make the show so Hot Rod called me to fill in for the night. I drove up to the gig and was told Sam was in a band that was opening up for 3D In Your Face. The band was called The Lowly Thieves. They were a fast and loud Punk type band. Sam was his usual over the top energetic self. The band was really good and Sam was AWESOME!!! When I took the stage with 3D In Your Face, Sam was pulling double duty that night. He just got done playing and now he was my guitar tech telling what i needed to do  and hand me my guitars for the night!!! That is his work ethic in Rock and Roll and in life. He never quits and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the mission accomplished. Our friendship started that night . I found a battle buddy/Terror Twin in Sam. I consider him My Best Friend. I trust him with my life.

       I joined 3D In Your Face later that week and started playing with them the weekend after that. Sam was always there helping me and teaching me the ways of the 3D In Your Face load ins, load outs and set ups. I was actually the new guy and Sam was the Veteran  He never lost his patience or got upset with me when I did something wrong or stupid. I thank you Sam for Patience.
     Sam actually started working for 3D In Your Face in 2005 doing all the heavy lifting ,stage manager, guitar tech and merch sales man. He used to sit in for a couple of songs with 3D In Your Face and play his favorite guitar an Ace Frehley Les Paul. I have actually played this guitar and it is a BEAST!!! It is battle scarred and road proven. It wears its scars with Pride and is a Rock and Roll Machine.
      Now some history of the birthday boy.

 Sam is a song writing machine!!! We have collaborated on every new song that 3D In Your Face has written except for one. He could not be easier to work with when it comes to song writing. I have been in bands where fist fights occur over song writing. It seems effortless when we start working on a new original and I think they come out sounding pretty good. I could not be prouder or happier how the songs have turned out.

The things that you don't know that Sam does is all behind the scenes. All the interviews and corresponding with companies getting us endorsements and getting us free P R. He does this with out pay on his own time and never complains. We would not be where we are if it wasn't for Sam,

Sam was born March 17,1985 in Fremont,NE .  He was obviously different than most kids growing up. I will not embarrass him with childhood photos but I will tell you I have seen a few and they are Priceless!!!!
    While in school Sam discovered KISS and Ace Frehley. It was an an epiphany. The music spoke to him and it changed him forever.

   Ace Frehley is the reason Sam started playing guitar. He soon discovered other types of music and genres but Ace remains his most important influence.

Sam played in several bands before joining the 3D In Your Face lineup.

Speedkill 2003 - 2012

Officially Terminated 2003-2012

Bandit Sound 2005-2011

3D in your Face 2005-current

All of his bands toured nationally and played anywhere and everywhere.

Sam is a seasoned road veteran

I stated earlier that I interviewed Sam and got very candid answers. This is a small section of the interview.

Favorite KISS song?  I love it Loud

All time biggest influence? Ace Frehley

Favorite 3D In Your Face moment as a Bass Player? When I Look up  and see people singing our original songs.

Favorite Quote from Sniper? I'm a handful in the sack

Favorite Quote from Hot Rod? Alex I'll take blown speakers for $200.00

Favorite Quote from Playboy?  I speak with Brett Michaels from Time to Time

I 've had my fun with Sam and now I'm gonna get serious.

When the old bass player left the band I wasn't sure if I was gonna stay or go. I thought the band was done and I was going to be looking for a new Project.

When Hot Rod suggested Sam I was totally stoked and shocked. I didn't think he would want to do it. Man was I wrong!! Sam has made the chemistry of this band the best it has ever been. His positive attitude and song writing and work ethic and energy on stage have put this band over the top and made me a better player as well!!!!!

I am so honored and Thrilled to play in a band with Sam and even more Honored to call him my Best Friend!!!

Happy Birthday Sam!!!!!!!


  1. Very good work sniper this was a most epic blog..... happy bday Sam... to my boys who bring the nosie ...... lml rock my face off


    1. Thanks Chappy. See you in a few hours. HAHA. Can't wait buddy.

  2. Happy Birthday Sam

  3. you fuckers rock my face off

  4. Awesome job Chris, I almost teared up! You guys are all so cool and so fun to watch. Have a rockin birthday Sam...St Patricks Day is my favorite day of the year!! Now for two reasons!! Amy Draper

    1. Awesome Amy. Thank you so much. It is time to celebrate all weekend long. I love St. Patrick's Day. SOOOOOO see you in Sioux City. EH EH EH. It has been to long.

  5. Spade,

    Happy birthday and never stop doing what you do best! I still remember where it all begin and the road the we both traveled. Keep Rockn' and rolln'


    1. Shy Boy, thank you so much. If you look at one of those pictures your Marshall stack is sitting behind me on The Ranchbowl stage. Wild times. We had so much fun back then. Remember when Eric threw the toy guy at your Les Paul?