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Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello again everybody.  Welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog for 3D In Your Face.  I know what you are thinking, "Two blog posts in 4 days".  Well this week I have a very special treat for you (plus I have to get back on my normal schedule because of the holidays).  This week we are celebrating the birthday of our very own Jeremy "Playboy" Deans.  This is a great honor for me.  Jeremy is one of my best friends and I look up to him, not only as a musician but as a performer.  Every day we get the chance to hang out he teaches me something and makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt.  Jeremy is also one of the most talented drummers I have had the chance to work for and play next to.  For some reason, when this guy is behind the kit you can't take your eyes off him.  He does tricks I have never seen another drummer do, all while staying in time and smiling from ear to ear.  Jeremy is also a lot like Wolverine.  No one really knows how old he is, or where he came from.  He is an anomaly, he is amazing, and he is one of my closest friends and confidants.  Sit back and hold on for the ride, it's time to get a little bumpy.
My first run in with Jeremy was back when I was 17 or 18 years old.  I just started going to concerts and paying attention to the local rock scene in Nebraska.  His band at the time OX 45 was making huge waves all over the midwest.  They were a heavy metal band that not only lived like rock stars but partied like rock stars too.  OX 45 always got the best shows and they deserved every one they got.  I remember going to The Anchor Inn to the Rock Never Stops Tour.  To my surprise this band I was hearing so much about was opening the festival.  They came out, each guy had long blond hair.  They were nasty, they were rude, and they were amazing.  I thought they were one of the coolest bands I had ever seen.  OX 45 was young and hungry and they looked like they were having a blast on stage.  But the one thing I will never forget was their drummer.  He was insane.  Hair going everywhere.  He was an animal behind those skins.  Fast forward a few more years.  I was working as the guitar tech for 3D In Your Face and the guys decided to take me out for my birthday.  This was back in the drinking days and we went out to The Coast to see The Noize Next Door.  We were sitting at the bar getting tore up when Dave Frame our lighting guy got me a shot of Tequila and Tan-quire.  I wouldn't take it because I was sure that I would puke.  Well Dave tried to give this shot to everyone but nobody would take it.  I look over the bar and I saw a long blonde haired guy that I recognized from OX 45.  I told Dave to give that guy the shot.  Dave walked over and Jeremy downed the shot like a champ.  A minute later he was headed for the bathroom, except he didn't make it into the guys he decided it would look cooler to go to the women's bathroom.  We all had a good laugh and sat back down.   30 minutes later the band hadn't gone back on yet because they couldn't find their drummer.  Turns out that after taking that shot from Dave, Jeremy went and passed out in the ladies bathroom.  His band revived him and set him behind the drums. Back then Jeremy had a microphone to sing backups (can you imagine that).  He was so drunk that during every song he would sing "Photograph" by Def Leppard to get our attention.  I laughed so hard that I ended up puking that night behind a Taco Bell.  Jeremy will tell you to this day, that that night at The Coast is the reason he has never gotten another chance to sing backups.
Fast forward a couple months and the drummer for 3D In Your Face quits.  It was a no-brainer.  Jeremy was hired in a flash and we started terrorizing every town and hotel we stayed in.  PLAYBOY was created and his reign as the thrill seeker in this band has yet to be challenged.  On  stage the guy played his brains out every night.  All eyes were on him.  Even at his worst (Norfolk, tooth pain killers) he could do laps around any drummer that I have ever met.  But off stage, Jeremy and I got to know each other really well.  As soon as the last note was played the challenge would be on.  It was a race to see who could get the drunkest fastest, who could steal the coolest thing from the bar, or who could have the best story by the time the bus was pulling away.  For a while we had a problem with bar glasses.   At my house I have three plates, 2 bowls, and 90 pint glasses.  It's quite ridiculous.  We also had a problem with chairs.  One summer we just kept stealing chairs.  The back of the bus was filled with chairs, underneath the bus was filled with chairs, by the time a few chairs made it into the trailer we decided to stop stealing chairs.  Now our new thing is towels.  for some reason we can't get enough towels.  There are towels on-stage, in the dressing room, on the bus, in my car, and in our suitcases.  It's always a challenge to see who can get the nicest towel and hold onto it for the longest.   
Through the years Jeremy has become one of my best friends.  I look forward to seeing him everyday because I know as soon as we get together we are going to start laughing.  On-stage we are united as the rymthm section for 3D In Your Face, and I couldn't think of a better person to be right next to me.  Jeremy plays his heart out every night, every note.  He takes his drumming seriously and he takes his fans seriously.  He has been an inspiration to me from the very first time I saw him.  For Jeremy walking on-stage is a holy experience and one that he never takes lightly.  I will always respect Jeremy for his love of music and his absolute dedication to Rock N Roll.  He is a true Rock Star and deserves to be remembered as one the greatest drummers to set foot in Omaha, NE.  I can't tell you how many nights we have sat on our tour bus and talked music and bands and just laughed until the sun came up.  I am always thankful that I have a friend like Jeremy Deans.  I am even more thankful that I get to play Rock N Roll next to Jeremy every night.

This week are proud to announce we will be celebrating Playboy's birthday with all you wild and crazy fans on Jan. 11th at The 21st Saloon.  This weeks them is Awesome 80's Karaoke Night with DJ Steve Lindzy.  What does this mean for you?  Show up early to the show and you will get your chance to sing on our stage with our lights and PA.  Also on our set breaks we will be giving you another opportunity to show the world your singing skills.  Sing whatever you want.  Show all the 3D In Your Face fans that you are a Rock Star as well.  There is only one rule to Awesome 80s Karaoke Night.  No Bohemian Rhapsody and no Theme song from Grease.  Not that I don't like those songs but they are long and they always get butchered.  So pick any song you want and rock the stage Friday Jan 11th at The 21st Saloon.  Saturday, I am excited to say that we will be playing our first house show.  I never thought I would see the day that 3D In Your Face would play a house show.  That's right have been hired to play in someones house.  Sorry this is a private party but you can bet your ass that there will be lots of great stories to tell you next week.  See you soon.



  1. WOW,that brought back memories of me and my brother Baron from Zwarte. We would see who could do the dumbest shit, I normally won cause I would sacrifice body parts to be the victor. We would see who could pick up the most chicks with the dumbest lines. Wish I could remember them cause they were dumb.
    Thanks for the story Spade
    OH, the chair thing, reminds me of the time in Happy Chef in CB on 24th almost 20 years ago. I bought $26 bucks worth of pancakes and had the whole smoking section playing frisbee, tried to steal the cookie tray on the way out but the caught me, but they didn't see me walk out with the HOSTESS WILL SEAT YOU sign.
    Try pancake frisbee some time

  2. No problem Stang. Thank you for the great comment. Next time I order pancakes, no matter where I am at, I will try and play frisbee with them. That is a promise my friend. Do you still have the "Hostess will seat you" sign. It's funny, even though you go through all the work to drunkenly steal something, it rarely ever makes it back home. Thanks for reading Stang and thanks for the comment. It is almost festival season. Can't wait to see you on the road.