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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chew On These Nutz

Hello everyone and welcome back to HAIR IN THE AIR.  The Official Blog for 3D In Your Face. To all those people that came out to The 21st Saloon last Friday, thank you so very much.  Last Friday was one of the best shows we have ever had at The 21st Saloon.  A huge thank you to DJ Steve Lindzy for the awesome karaoke   Saturday we played our first ever house show as a band.  It was wild.  No drum riser, half stacks, and 4 lights.  The show was so much fun.  Now that we know it is possible, I can't wait to do another one.   I have a very wild blog post for you this week.  Some of you are going to love this and some of you are going to hate it.  I post a blog every week so you can't please everyone.  This week's theme goes out to all those gear nuts out there.  Our guitars, amps, drums, strings, and pedals have become such a huge part of our sound and show and I want to share them with you.  So for all you gear nuts out there enjoy.  For you people that really don't care about this, I hope you read this anyway.  I have added  a little spice in here to make things interesting for everyone.
Snyper is the first guy I want to talk about.  Snyper is the epitome of a gear nut so, trust me when I say this guy has seen it all.  His is not only a guitar collector but he is also an expert in all things with six strings.  He has tried every guitar and amp combination out there to achieve the sound he has today.  He literally has guitars stacked up to the ceiling in the Snyper Compoud.  Dubbed The Guitar Wall of China, Snyper doesn't play around when it comes to picking out the right axe for the job.  But the reason I love him so much is that he is a minimalist when it comes to effects.  His sound comes straight from his head.  Sure there is a pedal board but if you look closely he rarely uses it.  Pure and simple he plays straight ahead rock n roll.  Snyper plays two guitar on stage as his main weapon of choice.  The first is a Yellow Charvel Custom Shop with a German Floyd Rose.  The wood is Alder and the pickup is custom wound, based on the Dimarzio Tone Zone.  The neck is Maple unfinished with a reverse headstock.  The Second guitar is a white splatter Wayne star body, hand built by Wayne and Michael Charvel.  It has a German Floyd Rose with an Alder Body.  The neck is Maple unfinished.  To achieve the sonic brutality that he has been striving for these two guitar are run through an EVH 5150-III head and two Randal 4x12 cabinets.  For strings Snyper uses GHS Boomers .009 through .042.  On the ground level he uses a MXR phase 90 EVH, MXR EVH flanger, EVH Wah, and a MXR delay.  I told you he was a gear nut.  Snyper also prefers :Pepsi to Coke and his favorite food is anything that is cheap.
Hot Rod is the next guy on the list.  He has also a collector of gear but not at the rate of Snyper.  Hot Rod knows what he likes and sticks with it.  As our lead singer he also plays rhythm guitar and key boards.  He is the all around jack of all trades.  Hot Rod has main guitar has changed a few times over the years but for the most part he has always fell back on The Flying V.  He looks good playing it and The Flying V is the worlds coolest guitar.  Sorry sorry I know.  For most of 3D In Your Face's existence Hot Rod played a Jay Turner custom purple Flying V.  Recently Hot Rod acquired a new toy that screams cool and exudes Rock N Roll, A Michael Schenker custom Dean Flying V.  To achieve the tone he is looking for, he plays straight through to a Line 6 POD located in our monitor rack.  No pedals, no cords.  Pure.  Hot Rod also has a 1980s Gibson Flying V that doesn't see to many shows these days.  Back when I was the guitar tech I cracked the case open to let the guitar acclimate.  Somebody came over and grabbed the case not knowing it was open and the guitar took a spill.  Nothing happened, but to keep her safe we decided to keep the Gibson locked in the 3D Studios.

I don't have as many guitars as the other guys.  I am the newest member and I haven't been doing this as long as the them.  That being said, when I started playing bass I always knew what bass guitar I wanted to play.  As soon as I picked up a Thunderbird I knew that my search for the ultimate Destroyer of Souls was over.  I don't really even know why I look any more.  For my main bass I play a white limited edition custom Epiphone Thunderbird.  My secondary bass is a blue Epiphone Thunderbird and my backup bass is an Ibanez tobacco burst Iceman.  I play GHS Bass Boomers .050-.115.  The low end I produce comes from an amazing amp with a lot of miles behind it.  My head is a Peavey Nitro Bass 450 that has been on all the OFFICIALLY TERMINATED tours (it has had a lot of things spilled on it and not just beer), powering an Ampeg 8X10 cabinet.  I really don't run any pedals but I do have a pedal board mainly for tuning and muting during solos and song breaks.  I run a Boss pedal tuner, a Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster (for the bass solo) and a bass wah pedal.  My rig is very simple but powerful and has an amazing sound.

Last but not least is Playboy.  Me not being a drummer and him not being next to me, I don't really have a lot of details for you here.  What I do know is that Playboy plays a White Crush Drum Kit.  He also plays Zildjian Cymbals and DW Pedals.  Much like Wolverine little is known about Playboy.  I do know that he prefers Coke to Pepsi.  He loves long walks on the beach.  He has only punched two people in the face.  He hates pets of any kind.  Playboy prefers McDonalds to Burger King.  He doesn't eat Chinese food.  He loves spicy mustard with his chicken nuggets and hates people that like ranch.  He prefers Dorthy Lynch dressing on his salad.  Playboy is also allergic to lettuce and most other vegetables except black olives and celery.  As far as gear goes, I don't know what to tell you.  I'm not a drummer and he likes to keep his shit a secret.
This Friday, Jan 18th we are very excited to bring you another amazing show at The 21st Saloon.  As of right now I am still finalizing the details on this weeks sponsor.  I will edit this and let all of you know when I get the details ironed out.  Thank you so much for reading this blog and for being the most amazing fans this band could ever ask for.  See you all this Friday.



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