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Friday, March 17, 2017

Twisted as Hell Pt. 2 - Interview with John Hennis.

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  I meant to get this thing out last week but I completely ran out of time.  Things have been happening so fast it's tough to get a minute to sit down and collect my thoughts.  This weekend is huge and we are very excited to be bringing you some amazing shows, not to mention today we are celebrating my birthday and St. Patty's Day.  Tonight The Midnight Devils will be opening for "Rock of Ages" the musical at The Omaha Community Playhouse.  We will begin playing around 6 PM in the corridor to the theatre and we will play right up until 7:30 when they open the doors.  Saturday night we are heading back down south to St. Joe, MO for a big rock n roll riot with Coverboy at The 'Vous.  Show starts around 10PM.  Also if you can't make any of these shows please keep it tuned to 101.9 The Keg all weekend.  I will be hanging out live with Crash Davis this morning as he does his St. Patty's Day Beer and Breakfast party at The Brick Street Tavern in Omaha.  I will also be doing Saturday morning on The Keg 12 AM - 3 PM and my show Hair In The Air Saturday night at 11 PM.  There's a ton of rock n roll mayhem happening and you just have to be apart of it.

If you missed it, The Midnight Devils will be opening for the mighty Jackyl on Friday, April 14th at The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln.  Tickets available here.

Last week I talked to you about The Twisted Diamond, a sacred place in Topeka KS.  It's a rock n roll/hair metal/glam rock museum located in John Hennis' basement.  John runs security at The Boobie Trap Bar and has one of the coolest places I've ever seen.  For guys like us it's a little slice of heaven away from home.  Here is our tribute to John for taking us under his wing and become a good friend.  Enjoy the interviews and the pictures.


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  1. great interview,had a wonderful time in fremont was glad to see u guys.have a safe ttip to missuori .hope to see u in des moines