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Friday, March 10, 2017

Twisted As Hell Pt. 1

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  I'm sorry I missed last week.  This tour has got us working our asses off and I ran out of time during the week to get my thoughts in order.  We had an absolute blast in Brandon, SD at Double D's Saloon.  The great people there treated us amazingly and we can't wait to come back.  Sioux City was a thrill to say the least.  The Filling Station was an amazing setting for this giant rock n roll reunion.  Can you believe it had been almost two years since we played in Sioux City?  See all of you again was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Trust me we wont wait that long to come back again.  This week I want to try and do something very special.  Before we get into the nuts and bolts there are a lot of great things happening this week in our word.  Tonight we have the amazing honor of playing at The Legendary Boobie Trap Bar in Topeka, KS.  This will be our second trip on this tour to one of Topeka's finest rock n roll establishments.  We've got a few miles under our belts and we are out for blood this time.  Saturday we head back to Fremont, NE for a wild rock n roll party at Tin Lizzy's Tavern.  Fremont happens to be my home town and it's getting closer to my birthday.  Get ready to party.  On the radio front, I will be doing an over night shift on 101.9 The Keg tonight at midnight and then my normal show also called HAIR IN THE AIR will be one at 11 PM CST.  If you can't make the shows at least tune in and get your fix over the air.

As I said earlier we are heading back to Topeka, KS for a big rock n roll party at The Legendary Boobie Trap Bar.  We hit up this historic landmark back near Thanksgiving of 2016 on the first leg of this tour.  The big thing for all of us was not only the fantastic people we met but a little unknown place called The Twisted Diamond located in a the security guard, John's basement.  An avid Twisted Sister fan, John has turned his basemen,t now know as The Twisted Diamond into a hair metal museum.  It's paradise for glam rockers the world over.  My goal is to capture just a little bit of the magic and report back to you.  This story needs to be told.  Funny enough, back when we released The Midnight Devils album in 2013 I was shopping around for radio interviews to promote the new album.  I came across a Internet podcast called Bleach Bangs that was right up our alley.  I emailed and messaged and got a big fat nothing in return.  Four years later in Topeka I run into John and learn he was a host of Bleach Bangs.  I was like "What the hell man?"   No hard feelings but I think it's time we turn the tide on John and sit him down for an interview at The Twisted Diamond.  My college radio skills are totally coming in handy this weekend.  Sorr to cut this blog short but my goal is to report back to you Saturday with the second part of this blog. Until then keep spreading the word.  The Midnight Devils tour is almost full and we wont rest until Rocklahoma.



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  1. Wow i absolutely love the imagery! the colors and contrast of the pictures are amazing! Every image is extraordinary in its own way! I'm wowed!