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Friday, December 23, 2016

There's Leftovers in the Fridge

Hello everybody and welcome to the Christmas edition of HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of The Midnight Devils and 3D In Your Face.  I want to start this blog off by thanking everyone that sent us well wishes on our trip last weekend.  The Midnight Devils are definitely earning our wings the hard way.  After the great ice trek to St. Joe we pushed on to Odell, NE.  The roads weren't the best but we made it safe and sound and had an amazing show.  It's the small things.  We were sitting around deciding whether or not to cancel Saturday's gig.  Sniper and I simply said there is no way we are not going to make a show.  We are going to be known as the band that's at every show no matter what.  First ones in and the last ones to leave.  Since it's Christmas season and the end of this leg of our tour we are doing one final homecoming show tonight at The 21st Saloon in Omaha, NE.  One last chance to catch The Midnight Devils in 2016.  I have a huge surprise for everyone as well.  Rock n Roll Santa came early this year.  Please come out and celebrate the holiday's with us one last time.  We've been gone for about a month and we can't wait to see you.  Not to mention this is going to be one wild party.  No work, no school, it's Christmas baby let's boogie
Photos by David Willis Photography

Now for the good stuff.  I've been writing this blog now for roughly five years.  Week in and week out I usually try and do something special, something out of the ordinary, a glimpse into my life.  Christmas is one of those holiday's that I look forward to every year.  The bad thing is I can't remember writing last year's Christmas blog.  I love being home for the holiday's.  Sleeping in the old band rehearsal room.  Staying out late with my friends back home.  Hanging with my parents.  It always amazes me how quiet my hometown is.  I never remember it being that quiet.  All the towns we visit we are so loud all the time that the silence around 2 AM strikes me in Fremont, NE.  No cars, no music, and no drunk people.  It's fantastic.  My family is huge on tradition.  We do the same thing every year like clockwork since my grandparents were alive.  My Step-Mom Beth even buys the same spaghetti sauce my grandmother used to use off Amazon because they can't find it anywhere else.  Giant family gatherings like that are always great, they are stressful but great.  That's why we only do them a few times a year.  We then all go to the candlelight Midnight Mass and listen to my Step-Dad Greg rumble the church with the pipe organ.  It's beautiful.  I even put on a shirt with sleeves for the church service.  Then my buddies all get together and close out one of the local bars.  Clockwork I say.

Being in a rock n roll band, for us holiday's are just as important.  Most of the time we are playing on a holiday but there are a few really special nights we get off.  It's one of the rare times you aren't consumed with practice, social media, booking gigs, and handing out flyers.  You can be "off" for at least 24 hours.  The coolest thing is that you get a chance to celebrate with your best friends, not that you don't celebrate everything else together when you're crammed in a van with them for a month.  It's a little more special than that.  We get to cut loose and enjoy the end of a tour and the end of a great year.  I never in a million years would have thought we would be ending 2016 like this.  3D In Your Face has accomplished some huge goals we set out for ourselves.  We have pushed it farther them the year before.  The Midnight Devils are in that great place where we are slowly gaining momentum.  We took the leap and now it's starting to pay off.  Just wait until you see what we have coming down the road.  Christmas in a rock n roll band to me is about Elvis Presley singing "Blue Christmas".   It's getting home from a string of shows and throwing your dirty stage clothes in your parents washing machine.  The pullout bed is ready to roll and there are leftovers in the fridge.  From everyone in 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.  If you can't spend it with someone you love you better be on the phone letting them know you are thinking about them.


Sam Spade

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