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Friday, December 30, 2016

Reckless and Careless but That's What Made It Real

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils.  Well it seems our little rock n roll club is getting bigger and bigger.  That makes me very excited.  It's time to round up the troops for one more big rock n roll blast into 2016.  I have to say this year was great.  Sniper and I spent more time out on the road than we did at home.  That's always a good thing.  I never unpacked my suitcase once, maybe some rearranging but never fully unpacked.  We met some amazing people.  Most importantly we reconnected with one our best friends The Playboy.  I've seen a few thousand faces and better damn well believe we rocked them all.  Now it's time to kick back and party, celebrate, and get ready for the next round.  If you didn't already know tonight 3D In Your Face kicks off the first of a two night stand at The 21st Saloon, Omaha, NE.  Friday, Dec. 30th and Saturday, Dec. 31st will go down in infamy as the two greatest nights in our bands career.  Our crew has assembled what can only be described as the hottest video wall in the city.  This shows is going to blow you out of the water and I don't want to just rely on the show.  We are ready to bring the pain and show everyone else how the big boys do it.  Down and dirty sleazy rock n roll magic is in the air.  Only $5 at the door tonight.  There are still tickets left for tomorrow's show and today only you can still get them for $5. On Saturday they are bumped up to $8 so order these now and reserve yourself and your date a seat to the party of the year.

For all of those traveling to these shows and for all of you that might not want to drink and drive afterward we have partnered with The New Victorian Inn and Suites on 108th and L street, blocks away from The 21st Saloon.  Mention "3D In Your Face" at the front desk during check in or check out and receive your room for only $69.99 plus tax.  This will apply for Friday and Saturday.  Always thinkin' about ya.

I want to take you back a few years.  I always look forward to New Years Eve.  It's one of those crazy crazy crazy nights that you just never really know what's going to happen.  It's one of those nights you talk about with your friends for years.  Inevitably drunken buffoonery is in store no matter if you are drinking or not.  I can't really remember the exact date but I want to warn my mother if she is reading this, please just close out of your browser now.  I had to be about 19 or 20 years old and I was hanging out with a pretty wild bunch of dudes.  We had just formed our first band and we were regularly making trips back and forth to Omaha to catch punk rock shows at houses, studios, and the infamous Ranch Bowl.  That New Years Eve we caught wind of an art studio hosting a punk rock show that featured our two favorite Omaha bands at the time.  The Deformites were some dudes our age that played psychobilly music.  My band eventually did a tour to Texas and back with The Deformities but we will save that story for another blog.  The other band was a drunk punk band called Buster Hymen and The Penetrators.  Great dudes that kind of showed us the ropes.  We looked up to them big time.  I believe 4 of us made the trip to Omaha that night.  My buddy Duff was the DD and were were cruising a brand new Ford Mustang courtesy of my other buddy and legal age drinker Styx.  My friend Korey was riding in back with me and I think we were half in the can before we even crossed the county line.

Never Stop Drinking from Buster Hymen & The Penetrators on Myspace.

Jimmy Drug Bug from The Deformities on Myspace.

The art studio was unlike anything we had ever seen in Fremont.  It was downtown and this was some unique art.  Old cars welded together, metal shapes and jagged edges, and as luck would have it a free keg.  We payed the admission and partied our asses off that night.  Things get a little hazy for me right here.  I seem to remember my buddy Styx being so out of his mind that he proceeded to go after a woman that appeared to be three times his age.  This punk rock art studio became heaven for us for that evening.  Free food, free beer, women that wouldn't even look at us, and loud happening rock n roll music.  I'm sure my friends will remember way more details than I do but I can still picture the smell of cigarettes and stale beer just brought us to life.  This had become the only place in the entire world that really mattered.  For that moment in time we were kings.  The show ended and we scooped our drunk asses back in the Mustang and Duff safely drove us home.  We almost made the trip without incident until we got back to Fremont.  We drove through downtown Fremont and pretty much right on time as we were driving past the court house Styx's car door flung open and he started spewing onto the passing concrete and all down the side of his car.  Stick a fork in us that was the point we all needed to head home and sleep it off.  For whatever reason that show sticks out in my mind as one of the funnest times of my young adult life.  We were reckless and careless but because of the music it all made so much sense.  I would never want to go back to that time but I'm sure happy I did it when I had the chance.  That moment in time.  Those hazy memories.  The music.

Happy New Year

Sam Spade

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