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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Special Goodbye To "The Storm".

My friends and family welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  Well I did it again.  I left you for a few weeks.  I am very sorry but I just seem to keep running out of time to write.  I have a ton of stuff to cover, some good, some bad, and some great.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  We had a great time at The 21st Saloon and we are looking forward to this Friday's "12 Days of Christmas" Show sponsored by Bear Metal Works Chainmaille and Jewelry.  Jen produces one-of-a-kind jewelry that is easily some of the coolest jewelry I have ever seen.  Below is a picture of something that she can make and if you are interested these special 'pink and green' Spade pieces are made to order for just $15.  Follow the link, message her, and let her know you are interested in picking up one of these beauties for Christmas.

I must preface this weeks blog by saying that I did write this last week and never got the chance to publish it.  Sorry about the inconvenience but life seems to be funny that way.

It is with great respect that last we announced that Mark “The Storm” Mefford is no longer the drummer of 3D In Your Face.   After much deliberation Mark has decided to move on with his musical career and focus his unique skills elsewhere.  We as a band and as a family wish Mark great success and luck in the future.  We would also like to thank Mark for helping us through this period in our career.  As it sits now the drum position is still vacant.  We are looking for and auditioning drummers to fill this very big role in our band.  As a group, we have decided to keep searching until we find the right person for the job.  All future shows booked will happen as scheduled and we are still on track to record our next album in January 2016. 

A huge thank you to Dakota 'Dax' Nielsen for filling in on some of the last few shows.  It has been great having you back on the train at least for a few stops.  I can't remember ever laughing so hard in the dressing room before the shows.  You are an amazing musician and I am proud to call you a great friend.  

I know this may come as a shock to you and quite frankly we have been taken aback by this last bit of news.  Every set back we encounter just keeps pushing us forward.  I think I wrote this blog a few months back.  I for one feel so very strongly about this band, our songs, and our fans that I couldn't imagine not having 3D In Your Face in my life.  I love you people and that's why I have never thought of this as a job.  I love every moment of life in this band.  It's hard work but completely worth every second.  I keep reminding myself to stay positive this is bigger than just you.  This is bigger than being stressed out about an inbox full of message you still need to respond to.  We are building something out of nothing.  We are creating where there is nothing to create.  The best part is knowing that nobody can ever take this away from us.  The history has already be written and all we can do is keep moving and striving to be the absolute best we can possibly be.  Practice, write, practice, write.  Eventually something will happen.  You've got to stay positive.  I don't think I would even be able to function if I was focused on all the negative swirling around me.  I don't dismiss any of the shit that is piling up I just choose to deal with it and keep on moving forward.  My goal from day one has always been to play as many shows as possible, to sing as many songs as possible, and to prove that if you believe in it hard enough success will follow.


Sam Spade

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