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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Matt, Our Beloved Guitar Tech. Special Guest Blogger Dax.

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I have a very special blog for you people today.  Before we get to the good stuff.  I want to thank everyone of you that came out to wish us a fond farewell last week at The 21st Saloon.  It was great to see so many good friends all there to send us off in style.  I don't think we would have made the long miles and lack of sleep without your smiling faces cheering us on.  The trip was a complete success.  We made all of our flights on time.  We got to the venue on time.  We even got in some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside that is Minnesota.  To be honest with you I think this was one of the best trips the band has ever taken.  I hope we have more exactly like this one.  Not to mention we met some pretty amazing people up in the great North.  Some amazing people that knew how to throw one hell of a party.  I don't think we really knew what we were instore for.  Thank you once again to everyone involved from the crew and techs to the people back home keeping up with our adventure via Facebook and Twitter.  We are back at it again this week.  Friday, Oct. 24th come down to the 21st Saloon and welcome us back Home Sweet Home and then wish us off again.  Saturday, Oct. 25th we will be taking a road trip to Salem, NE for a return visit to The Big Red Inn.  This will be a Halloween Costume Party so don't miss the chance to get dressed up and do a little Monster Mash.  Oh that's good.  Also I will be doing a live interview Friday morning with Jeff from Sunny 101.3 FM Falls City.  Be sure and tune in and let them know you are listening.  I will have the time posted as soon as I get it.

Now I have been doing HAIR IN THE AIR religiously for the past three years and I have officially decided that I want to involve my other bandmates in this writing endeavor.  So naturally I talked with Dax and he was all about doing a little writing for the blog.  Last week we didn't get the chance to celebrate our Guitar Tech Matt's birthday like we wanted to.  Unfortunately things came up and we were out of town.  So here is a special blog designed by Dax, where he asks Matt the tough questions.
If you haven't yet got a chance to speak with Matt he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  A true Metal Head and lover of fine Tequilas.  Matt has been with the group now for around 6 months and trust me when I tell you he puts up with a lot of shit.  Mostly from Sniper.  It must be a military thing.  Next time you see Matt whether on stage or in the shadows go up and shake his had.  Tell him "Thank you".  It's been our pleasure as a band to share the stage with Matt and I hope this amazing releationship last for a long time.

Here is Dax's interview with Matt

How long have you been secretly wishing the band would switch to 70's funk music?
I would love to do some 70s funk...Brick House, Play That Funky Music White Boy, Kung Fu Fighting, the theme to Shaft...It would be an amazing change up to 80s metal!

What is the weirdest thing you have seen a band member eat on the road? 

The weirdest thing eaten wouldn't be so weird as questionable. Pulling into a gas station at 3AM and eating anything that was probably made the evening before and has been kept warm.... Or the mass consumption of junk food.

What's your drink of choice?
Drink of choice would be coke over ice...alcohol would be tequila on the rocks, squeeze of lime.

How many birthdays have you shared with the band?
Actually only one, but the band didn't know it last year. This year I had a very nice speaker phone happy birthday song from the band that made my night!

Best and worst shows?
The worst show was the one in Kansas that didn't happen due to weather. The early shows where I didn't know what was going on kind of sucked.
The best show, they are all good. I did like the one in Ames, Nebraska, at the roadhouse where the kid got up and played bass at the end.

If you could play any instrument in the band what would it be?
I wish I could play the drums. I tested in elementary school and rated as marginal for having rhythm. 

What song do you miss seeing the band cover?
Shotgun Messiah Heartbreak Blvd...followed by Whitesnake Bad Boys.
What's the one piece of gear you want the most?
1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, of course.

Where would you want to tour the most?
Japan...they go crazy for rock and I love yakisoba

If you could sit in for one band as the guitarist who would it be?
It would have to be Zeppelin, maybe doing an Ozzy show would be a close second.

Thanks for your time Matt. It was a pleasure talking with you.


There you have it friends. Dax's debut on HAIR IN THE AIR with a killer interview from our guitar tech and birthday boy Matt. Thanks for reading



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