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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From Time To Time We Let Drummers Do Interviews. Here is The Playboy.

HELLO everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  I am going to keep this short.  We are continuing our "The Boys Behind The Hair" series by special guest blogger Jim Kaufman founder of the 3D In Your Face Army.  Before we get into The Playboy's interview, I want to remind you about the show this week.  Friday, Feb 14th we are throwing our second annual Valentine's Day Prom at The 21st Saloon in Omaha, NE.  Get out the neon colors and prepare to rock the night away.  Blue Iguana Apparel is sponsoring this weeks event.  There will be an 80's costume contest with the winners walking away with a custom 3D In Your Face Valentine's Prom shirt from Blue Iguana.  Get ready for some fun and most of all a hell of a lot of Rock N Roll.  Sunday we will be attending the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards.  Thanks to you our fans we have been nominated for a second year for The Best Cover Band Award.  Party Express Bus Nebraska will be driving us to Sunday's ceremony.  Don't forget to pick up a signed copy of our new album "Midnight Devils" right here for only $13.99. 


Ladies and Gentleman Jim Kaufman

Hello Again everyone in 3D In Your Face Nation, we have another great interview coming your way. Today we get to hear from The Playboy. Now as you all know The Playboy is the Wild Man behind the drum kit for 3D In Your Face. I have to say, The Playboy is truly the most entertaining drummer that I have ever seen in person. From the first crack of the stick until the night is over, you can count on a BLURR of High Energy Skin Pounding Action from The Playboy!!! So let’s get to it, Fans we are about to find out what make the Stick Slinger Tick…..Playboy, take it away!
Playboy, give us a little history on yourself, what makes Playboy tick? I would like to hear some stories from your days in California, what can you share with us? What are you able to share with us, LOL?
First things first Jim, could you put "The" in front of my name and capitalize it. Haha. I am The Playboy. Flip the sticks......
About California, I don't really like to talk about my time in California. It was a weird time in my life. So we can just put the zip on all this California talk.  
(Editors note - I changed all the "Playboy"s to "The Playboy"s.)
• At what age did you take up playing drums? And do you play any other instruments? 
Let's see I started playing the drums and percussion at the age of 13 or whatever age you are in 5th grade. It all started for me in the school band. The old saying "This one time at band camp". Except that I didn't make it to band camp. I was late with the permission slip. I don't play any other instruments except if you count The Glockenspiel. Most kids have to take piano lessons before they can start learning the drums in school. They want to see who can stick with it and learn the language of music. Not me I was able to talk my way right in.  

• How much time do you spend practicing during the week and do you have neighbors that complain about the noise?  
My neighbors are mostly cows. I live way out in the country. Lately the have been loving the drums sessions. They watch everyday and get close to the windows when I play. I usually play in the afternoons right after The Family Fued for 4 or 5 hours.
• Who is your greatest musical influence?
Tommy Lee Bass. He is still an influencial musician, at least until the Motley Crue country album is released.  
• What is the Greatest Album of all time and why?  
To Fast For Love. Listen to the cowbells and the toms. The still stand up today as one of the best albums ever. The album cover itself is one of the most recognizable covers in all of Rock N Roll. You know that belt buckle? I made one myself and will be wearing it this weekend.  
• What is your fondest 3D In Your Face moment and/or any moment from your music career?
My fondest moments come from the back of the bus. After the shows we always get together and tell stories while we watch the miles roll by heading to the next show. I also have enjoyed sharing the stage with some amazing bands and childhood heroes. Probably the best moment in my musical career happened at The Carlisle Hotel in Omaha. Our tech Chappy and I always toss drum sticks back and forth to each other. At this particular show Chappy pulled out a giant double dong and lofted it towards me while we were playing. It seemed to hang in the air for an eternity, wobbling like the Javelin thrown by Lamar in revenge of the nerds. I caught that bad boy and just kept playing while the rest of the boys fell to the ground in laughter.  
• Tell us about your days in California, what groups were you involved with and did you get to hang out on the Strip at all during the hay day of Rock? Give us a feel for that time and how it made you the drummer you are today. 
C'mon Jim. Give me a break. See question one.  
• What's the most bizarre thing to happen while you were onstage?
In Des Moines two ladies came up on stage during Girls Girls Girls. They had that look in their eyes. These two ladies scaled the drum riser and climbed behind me while I was playing. They over took me and stole my drum stool. After a few seconds I knew something was wrong. These two lovely beauties broke my drum stool right in half. Now I play on a bucket wrapped in fabric. But it's cool the bucket doubles as storage space for my stuff. 
• How does The Playboy get ready for a show?
Birthday Cake and Pussy. 
• Being in a band, what are some of the sacrifices that you have had to make?
I don't really see it as a sacrifice but I suppose you could say I have given up relationships, marriages, real jobs, and friendships. I suppose you could say I have given up quite a few things due to practicing.  
• What is your current drum set and what would be the Cadillac of drum sets to sit behind? 
The current set I play is a Frankenstein kit I put together out of random drums covered by fabric I bought at the fabric store. The Cadillac set would be a nice Maple shell kit that a company would like to give me. 2 x 26" bass drums, 13", 10", and 18" toms 8 x 14" snare and a 36" gong. That would be great.
• For all of you that have witness the ENERGY at a 3D In Your Face Concert, you know that The Playboy takes playing the drum kit to a new level. Tell us The Playboy, how do you condition yourself for this weekly display of Mayhem?
Pussy, birthday cake and jumping jacks. 44 jumping jacks before every show. Chocolate frosting with marble cake. I like the red velvet cake but I try and stay away from the Red 40.  
• What famous drummer would you like to meet? And if you already have tell us about that experience? 
John Bonham from Led Zeppelin. I would ask him how do you get your snar drum to sound so sexy on every album and every show?
• What did the 80’s mean to you?  
I was not old enough to experience the 80's but a lot of great bands and TV shows came from the 80's. Sitcoms like Different Strokes, Family Ties etc.
• Name 3 things from the 80’s that you miss.
TV Sitcoms
Causal Sex
General Admission converts where you could walk in sit wherever you wanted and smoke. I hate those old flash light guys that walk you to your seats. Ticket stubs and all that shit.

• How do you feel about today’s music?  
I feel very good but band today seem to lack guitar solos. Bands lack identity and character. I feel like those warm records that we have come to know and love have become a thing of the past.
The Playboy, I would like to thank you for taking time to do this interview. I have enjoyed being around you the past year and half as you truly are one of the Greatest Drummers that I have ever seen. The energy level that you bring to a drum kit is amazing and lets not forget extremely fun to be part of. YOU ROCK!!!! \m/\m/
Thanks Jim. You know what Jim is backwards? Neither do I.
Top Jimmy, He's the King. JK.
The Playboy

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