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Sunday, July 10, 2016

What Really Happened Last Night?

Hello renegades, welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face and The Midnight Devils. I'm going to try and take another pass at this weeks blog.  First of all I need to apologize for posting the last blog.  It was up for a few hours and I was promptly advised to take it down.  More on that later.  After taking the last blog down I wasn't sure what to even write or say on our behalf.  I was stumped.  Before I dive into the juicy stuff I have to let you know where we are going to be this weekend.  Friday, July 15th The Midnight Devils will be making our debut at The American Dream outdoor stage in Omaha, NE.  This show will be a free show starting at 10 PM.  Saturday 3D In Your Face is hitting the road to our home away from home, Kearney, NE.  We will be participating in the annual Kearney Cruise Night with a full blown rock n roll party at JD's at 9 PM.  Two huge shows this week and we can't wait to see all of you wild animals out there on the road.

So now for the good stuff.  What really happened to us last week.  Well let me tell you that nothing happened.  Nothing that hasn't been happening to guys in our position for the last 40 years.  We are renegades living an unconventional life and for some people that's hard to accept.  As long as we have the amazing support of all you, we aren't worried about a damn thing.  To be %100 honest I wrote the last blog on Sunday when I got home.  I was pissed and humilited and I wanted to tell my side of the story.  I wrote down exactly what I remembered and posted.  Sniper contacted me and simply said "Bro do you really want to air this dirty laundry on the internet?"  I was even more pissed but I reluctantly took down the tell all blog.  I wanted to rally the troops, I wanted to avenge the fans, I wanted to make my stand and not back down from these low lifes.  I was inspired and riding a white horse of justice right down the throats of all those people that were talking shit.  I let it cool and didn't say anything.  Then I talked with somebody that said "Why do you even need to give them the time of day?  Isn't living well the ultimate revenge?  Don't you have bigger fish to fry that some small town that didn't appreciate you?"  I was even more pissed but knew they were right.  I had wasted all this time acknowledging the hate and condemming it when really I was just furthing the negativity.  Boom.  There's where my mistake was.  I jump on the negativity train and wasn't getting off.  You don't deserve that and I can't promote that.  So to make a long story short I need to thank Sniper for telling me to take down the negative blog I posted about last weekends show.  My eyes were clouded by anger and I didn't want to be silenced.

I wrote last weeks blog not out of malice and not from a bad place.  I just wanted to say my peace and let people know that they can't just get away with hateful actions.  I wanted to be the guy that was defiant in the face of overwhelming odds.  I wanted to say all those things that I couldn't say on the microphone when the shit was hitting the fan.  5 days later and I'm over it.  It happen we learned a few things the hard way and we have our fans to thank for getting us out of a very tough situation.  For all of you that got the chance to read the blog about our adventure well then you know how it went and I am sorry for preaching my negativity on you.  That was never my intention.  We are a family and we stick together good or bad.  For those of you that were actually at the show, hey at least we have a killer story to tell later in life.  It's still only Rock N Roll and I think I have the best job on the planet.  I want to end this weeks blog with the last paragraph from the original post I took down.
Last paragraph from original blog post 07-09-16
"The only reason that I wrote this blog was to show how much hate was displayed by these people to a couple of guys that came into their town with long hair and makeup.  The Midnight Devils have always taken pride in what we do on stage and off stage.  We always push to carry ourselves as a professional band in public.  We play shows all year long and travel long hours to bring a high energy rock n roll show to people that deserve it.  We are defiant, we are rebellious, we swear to much, wear to much eye shadow, and down right love the music we play.  We also love our fans and couldn't have made it this far without you.  We might not have made it out of that bar without all of you behind us.  Fly that flag of Rock n Roll and never back down when someone challenges you.  Be different, be yourself, and do what makes you happy.  Never let some drunken locals or bar owners tell you how to live your life.  Live like a renegade."

Always Loud
Forever Proud
Sam Spade

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  1. I am very proud of you guys and will always be a major fan!! You did the right thing that night and by writing this. You said nothing harming and kept the peace. Fans first and you even respected the establishment even though they didn't return the same respects. Was there a cover charge? If not then this guy had nothing to complain about. What is he out of? Would he rather that a boring real juke box would be playing? Live music is amazing and everyone should experience it. It is not an easy game and all the money and time and energy involved in it is returned by the fan appreciation. It should never be a fear for your life job, wth? It hard enough not falling on your face when the bass player jumps off of a metal folding chair and bends it without getting hurt! lol (I will never let that one go Sam!)You keep on rocking and the music gods will get justice on the bully! I hope he never gets music satisfaction again as a punishment for the abuse he gave. Music can be such a release of pressure, stress and depression. Maybe he had too much of all three. I believe that music brings happiness. I lost two friends 2 years ago in an auto accident. He was very influential in the local music circles here and very well loved. His voice would sooth me and his interaction and respect to us made us always feel like VIP's. From the day we left the cemetery where they were placed, I can communicate with him from beyond. I can just say "Frank, talk to me" and a song that has very close connection to us will come on the radio. I kid you not. My husband and kids are witnesses on more than 30 occasions. There are about 10 songs that I feel connected to him with and they have very special meanings. I can be driving to work and be sad or super anxious about something and one of these "Special songs" will come on at that time like he is trying to cheer me up. This is how strong I feel about music and the connections it can bring. Sam you and the boys made us feel very welcomed and special from day one and we never felt threatened by you guys or judgmental. It is so humbling to be so greatly treated. I would rather be in a venue with you guys and 100 people then in a super-dome with the most popular music band in the world and can only see them like the size of an ant. Maybe this guy isn't used to human interaction and was thrown off from your crowd surfing ability. It's not everyday a band will do that and that's what sets you apart from everyone else. That is one of the major things that attracts me to be a great fan. It is also the time, cost and creativity that you put into the hair, make-up and costumes to give that whole experience. One bad apple can spoil the whole basket, but if we remove the rotten one before it damages the rest of the basket-full, then you save all the innocent ones. Keep rocking my friends cause you do have an army, bitterness does not have a fan club. \m/ ;) \m/