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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Can You Feel The Heat and Pressure Coming Down?

Hello everybody and welcome to HAIR IN THE AIR, The Official Blog of 3D In Your Face.  After a week from blogging I figured it's about time I jump back on that horse before I forget how.  Things have been quite on the 3D In Your Face Tour front as we have been on break before the final push of the summer tour.  Don't let this break fool you.  We have been very hard at work crafting and building a bigger and better show for you.  The wheels are in motion.  The tour kicks back up again on Friday, August 22nd for a return visit to our home bar The 21st Saloon on 96th and L st. Omaha, NE.  This will be our last show there before "The Big Announcement".  I will spill the beans for you first right here on HAIR IN THE AIR when the timing is right.  HAHA.  The Second show will be on Saturday, August 23rd in Waterloo, NE at The Doghouse Saloon Bike Rally.  This is a very rare show as we will be opening for Chad Lee, a country artist.  Have no fear my heavy metal faithful.  We will still be putting on our full show, no holds barred.

We have been working extensively on preparing a new set list, building a new lighting rig, and of course pushing our show even further than any band at this level.  Match that with the same killer attitude you have come to know and love and we are talking one hell of a Rock N Roll Party.

A special HAIR IN THE AIR exclusive tidbit for you.  We have official scratch recorded the first song for the next 3D In Your Face album.  It's a small step but from a creative stand point it's a mile.  Can you tell I am beyond happy?

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I am so very honored to tell you that over the last two weeks 3D In Your Face has received more radio air play than we ever had in our entire career.  Every day I am totally blown away.  Special thank you to all the DJ's that have been spinning our songs over these last few weeks.  We appreciate your support more than you will ever know.

This week was a very emotional week for everybody around the world.  The conflict in the Middle East, the tragedy in St. Louis, the passing of Robin Williams, and the anniversary of the death of Jani Lane from Warrant.  I watched all my friends post about each of these unnecessary loss of lives for the last few days.  It really got me thinking and got me pushing.  You never really know when your time will come.  I still have a lot of things left to say and I am not even close to giving up yet.  It's always darkest right before the dawn and these last few weeks have given me plenty of time to think about where I am heading.  Music has been my life for the last ten years and it has been something that I have constantly fell back upon.  When times got tough there was always music.  When there where no more words to say there was always music.  I suffered through life changing alcohol addiction and music became my reason to stay sober.  To say that music saved my life would be an understatement.  There are some big changes on the horizon for us but I am welcoming these steps as part of life.  I am ready to embrace the reasons I picked up a guitar in the first place.  I have been thinking a lot about my past band mates and the memories we made out there on the road.  Each one of those guys has made me the person I am today.  I am thankful for all the hardships and heartache I have endured in the pursuit of Rock N Roll freedom.  I am actually beyond excited about this next step.  I can almost feel the heat and the pressure coming down on me.  Something is going to happen and I am ready for it.  The old saying goes if you're not moving forward you are moving backwards.  Damn it I am putting the pedal down full speed ahead right now.  Just try and catch me, if you dare.




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