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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Hairy Bandito Chronicles pt. 1

Welcome back all you big haired heavy metal rock n roll junkies.  It is time for another edition of HAIR IN THE AIR, The official blog of 3D In Your Face.  As most of you know we took a weekend trip out to Kearney, NE last Friday and Saturday.  For all of you Omaha fans we missed you a lot.  It has been a long time since we didn't play at The 21st Saloon on Friday night.  I think the break was good, we recharged our batteries and got a little taste of road life before the summer tour season kick into full swing.  We are coming back to The 21st Saloon this Friday April 19th with new sets, new songs, and a ton of new stories.  To all of our faithful Kearney fans and to all our new Kearney fans all I can say is, holy hell you know how to throw a out-of-control Rock N Roll party.  Both nights you packed Shooters to capacity, I even heard there was a line out the door on Saturday night.  I don't believe I have ever sweated so much on stage as I did Saturday night.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We love coming to Kearney and we will be back again in July.

 Now on to the good stuff.  For a few months now I have been playing something really fun for our fans.  This is something out of the ordinary but I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.  Without any further adieu I am pleased to bring you the newest superheroes of Rock N Roll.

You may be asking yourself who are The Hairy Banditos, why should I care, and why do the wear bandannas over their faces?  This will all be explained shortly.  I need you to trust me on this one.  Sit back and relax and let me take you on an epic journey of love and loss, of heroism in the face of evil, and Rock N Roll adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

Our story starts many years ago in a small south of the boarder town called, Chiapa de Corzo.  In Chiapa de Corzo 4 sons were born to a working class family that went by the name Sanditos.  The Sandito family was like any other family in the area.  Papa Sandito was a chef and even owned his own restaurant serving the best food in the world to all the local families.  Mama Sandito was an artist and painted pictures for government officials.  The boys grew up on a steady diet of Zorro reruns, professional and non professional hockey, and KISS bootleg VHS tapes. They soon worked their way into Papa Sandito's kitchen where they helped him wash dishes and empty grease traps.  Around the time the boys were old enough to remember, civil war broke out in Chiapa de Corzo and The Cartel families took over their small little town.  The Sandito family like most other families in the area tried to fight of the invaders.  Wearing red and white dish towels over their faces to conceal their identities, and dawning the traditional family Sombrero, The Sandito family watched as The Cartel's ravaged their town.  Fearing for their children's safety, Mama and Papa Sandito sent the four brothers North to live with their uncle in the Midwestern        United States.  

The journey was long and hard and the four brothers made a vow to never leave each other's side and to never give in to the face of evil, no matter what it looked like.  In the United States the four brothers encountered a difficult road.  They looked different and talked different than most people, but these four brave souls were determined to succeed at all costs.  One moon-less night after a particularly bad day at their meaningless jobs, the four Sandito brothers gathered together outside of their homes.  That night they made a blood oath to themselves, to their parents, and to the world.  They would strike down evil and fight for the underdog.  They would help those that can't help themselves.  They would ride the world of hatred and malice.  That night they would unite to become the superhero vigilante group know as The Hairy Banditos.  Lead by their leader Harold S. Bandito, The Hairy Banditos struck out across the United States.  From coast to coast exacting justice on all wrongdoers in their paths.  Never forgetting their oath and their pride The Hairy Banditos ride ever vigilantly into that dark night.  Evil beware there is a new sheriff in town.  You will know them by their trademark sombreros, bandannas, and rather tight fitting shorts.  When ever there is trouble call on The Hairy Banditos, for they are never far away and will always be there to save the day.

I hope you like this little story.  There will be more coming from The Hairy Banditos, and watch out this summer you might just be sitting next to one and never realize it.  We are very excited this week to finally be bringing you the first ever 3D In Your Face Tattoo contest.  On Friday, April 19th at The 21st Saloon we will be teaming up with Bizarre Tattoo out of Omaha for this wild contest.  There are going to be two categories.  The first category is for best tattoo.   All you have to do is sign up at our merchandise booth and you will be judged along with the other contestants.  The first place prize for best tattoo is going to be $100 tattoo gift card to Bizarre Tattoo.  The second category is for worst tattoo or most in need of a cover up.  Same rules apply here.  All you have to do is sign up at our merchandise booth and you will be judged along with all the other contestants.  The winner will also receive a $100 dollar tattoo gift card to Bizarre Tattoo.  All KISS tattoos automatically get 5 extra credit points in the standings.  Also on Friday we will be setting up a silent auction for the custom painted and signed 3D In Your Face guitar.  All proceeds will be going to The Make-A-Wish foundation.  There will be a sheet sitting at our merchandise table where you can place your bid for the guitar before it makes its way to The Make-A-Wish Gala.  Omaha we are back and better than ever.  I can't wait to see you all at The 21st Saloon this Friday.





  1. Lovin the story! Perhaps I could get lucky enough to have one of those Bandito boys come save me from the evil judgement day known as april 15th (tax day). Heck who knows, those Banditos could make their appearance anytime to help reduce the tension from the work-related stress too!! Save me Banditos!

  2. Thanks Kelsey. You never know when The Hairy Banditos will show up.