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Friday, December 28, 2012

3D In Your Face 2012 Review.

Hello and happy holidays to all you 3D In Your Face fans, friends, and freaks (trust me nothing wrong with being a freak).  It took me a while to decide on what I was going to write about this week, or even write at all.  But I knew you faithful followers were craving some 3D In Your Face action on your Christmas break.  First and foremost everyone in the 3D In Your Face family wants to wish you all a very happy holiday season.  Secondly 2013 is creeping up on us and I wanted to give you something special, something different, and something unique.  2012 was truly the happiest year of my life and we can't thank you enough. As I am writing this blog I am packed up for a 5 day tour that will close out our 2012 tour and bring in 2013 like a shot to the heart.  HAHA.  Every t-shirt I own and about 100 pairs of socks are crammed into my suitcase and are waiting to see some action.  So here we go I hope you enjoy.

A Visual History of 3D In Your Face and 2012
Here is a picture from our one of our first show's in 2012.  We started our residency at the 21st Saloon on Feb 11th and it ran through Memorial Day 2012.  I don't remember to many specifics from these Feb shows.  I do remember that there were more people than I expect and I was very surprised by the warm reception from the fans.  I had only played 5 shows with 3D In Your Face by this point, so I was still learning the ropes.
Here is a great picture taken by Jason Husak.  At the time we really didn't know Jason but we remembered him being at every show at the 21st Saloon and taking some amazing pictures.  Little did we know that in a few months Jason would be joining us on the road and traveling all over the country with us as our beloved guitar tech/stage manager.  This is still a classic picture almost a year later.  Thanks Jason.
In March we decided to spice things up at the 21st Saloon.  Our faithful crew erected an enormous video wall behind the band.  The video wall last for three weeks.  If you were there and saw it you will testify that these three shows were some of the coolest shows the band has ever done.  A visual treat for the eyes.  We have an amazing crew.  We are trying to sweat talk them into setting the video wall up again for another string of shows.
Pyro has always been a big part of the 3D In Your Face show.  From the beginning to the end when you see smoke expect the flames.  Those are some nice fire trays on the cymbols.  HAHA.
There were a lot of shows in March and April that didn't get caught on camera.  We played some wild places and met a lot of new fans.  We played in Norfolk at The Pheonix Room, Kearney at Shooters, Council Bluffs at The Horseshoe Casino, Lincoln at The Grove, and wildest of all The annual national rugby tournament in Wayne, NE.  You wouldn't believe it even if I told you.  Imagine 1500 college students in togas crammed into a ballroom ready to party.  It is the wildest party you can ever imagine and we were there. 
We early in 2012 3D In Your Face began collecting aluminum can tabs.  We set a goal of 1 million can tabs to be donated to The Ronald McDonald house.  Next thing you know, a year later we have a closets full of tabs.  We have a tab doll named, Tabitha.  We have tabs everywhere.  But we still have not yet met our goal.  If you are reading this please start saving your can tabs for us.  We can't reach 1 million by ourselves but with your help we will be able to do some good for an amazing charity.
In May we ended our run at the 21st Saloon.  All in all we ran for 15 weeks as the house band at the 21st Saloon.  Little did we know that this would only be the first of many more shows at this amazing Omaha, NE venue.  We capped off our residency and the beginning of our summer tour with an outdoor festival show at Fun Plex.  The sun was hot, the slides were slippery, and the Speedos were tighter than ever.  Great crowd and a wonderful night. It was the only show of our summer tour to get rain and we finished playing right as the sky opened up.
May also saw the beginning of our national press campaign.  I set a goal for 3D In Your Face to be featured on TV, radio, newspaper, and all other social media sites.  Here is a picture of me on the set of The Angry Bros. Shock-O-Rama.  Little did I know that this would be the beginning of  my love affair with the media and doom me into waking up at the butt crack of dawn to be dressed and ready to do an interview.  The price you pay.
In June, 3D In Your Face only played two shows.  But these two shows were the biggest shows of our careers.  We had the great pleasure to play The Awesome Biker Nights festival in Sioux City.  Now I have been to this show three years running but this was my first time playing.  I knew it was going to be huge but when we hit the stage to 5000 screaming Rock N Roll fanatics signing every word. 
Bike rally's have become our bread and butter.  Thousands of people, motorcyles, Rock N Roll music, and three days of things you can never tell your mother.  On the bill this year was Dokken and The Donnas.  We also reunited with our good friends The Fisheads from Omaha.  Things happened and people were peed on. Just another day on the job.  
In July, Jason Husak, joined on as our official guitar tech/stage manager.  His first show was in Hardington, NE.  This show also featured Firehouse.  I didn't really know if Jason would want to stay with us but after 6 months he has become one of my best friends and anchor on the side of the stage.   Dawning the stage name Chapps, Jason has taken on every task we have asked of him.  I couldn't think of a better guitar tech or friend to have in our ring.          1 pepsi very little ice.  Now damnit...
Also in July we made an amazing return back to The Chrome Lounge in Omaha, NE.  3D In Your Face teamed up with Rockin Rita for her book release.  Once Upon A Rock Star is an autobiographical account of Rita's trip through the 80s.  She has pictures of every famous rock star and stories to go along with it.  We loaded up our flame towers and concussion bombs and packed The Chrome.  At this show I got lit on fire but I was so sweaty that I didn't get burned I just stunk up the club.  
In August our tour hit it's stride.  We played festivals in Orchard, Lincoln, Angels, and Loess Hills.  I always look forward to our summer festivals.  Imagine thousands of your closest friends getting drunk and rocking out to 80s hair metal in the middle of the street.  Yeah I know, not a lot of people can understand this until you have been there.  
Every week the guitar boat seems to fill up more and more.  Every show we play we bring around 14 guitars.  I know that you can only play one at a time but you have to have backups for backups.  Always be prepared.
Finally in September our tour wound to a close.  After 40 plus shows 3D In Your Face was unstoppable.  We had played all over the country and we finished up our tour with two huge outside festival dates.  The first was at Septmeberfest in the Century Link Center parking lot.  That night we teamed up with The Omaha Roller Girls for the first time.  Bang Tango was in the audience and this was the debut of Sean of the Dead our second guitar tech/stage manager.  It was still hot outside and I remember that I was so nervous to play on this big of a stage in our home town.  
Our second show was in Sutherland, IA.  The last festival date of the year and probably one of the funnest.  I remember waking up at noon to the sound of hot rods speeding by our bus.  Well at 5am when we parked the bus, we didn't realize that we parked right next to the burn out pit on the street.  Starting at 10am thousands of people gathered around our bus and watched as these muscle cars tore apart their tires. The show was wild and I hope we will be in Sutherland in 2013.
What comes around goes around.  In October we began our new tour and returned back to the 21st Saloon for another residency that will last the entire winter.  This time around every Friday a sponsor was designated to make these shows more of an event.  Our sponsors included Gloss Hair Salon, Glam Gore Girls, Rockin Rita, Omaha Zombie Research Society, Cupcake Kati, The Angry Bros. Heavy Metal Arts and Crafts, and even an air guitar competition.  So far these shows have been amazing.  Each show has become something special and we will never forget the people that come every week to see us play. 
We also played at The Waiting Room in Benson for the first time.  3D In Your Face was invited to play at the 2012 Omaha Zombie Walk and we jumped at the chance. Thousands of zombies roaming the streets of Benson and we were right in the middle of it.  We even shared a dressing room with the Zombikini contestants.  After gallons of fake blood and rock n roll we left The Waiting Room conquering heroes.
In November we made a return to Shooters in Kearney, NE.  This country bar is a very unlikely place to find an 80s hair metal band.  We also had our doubts about playing in this western Nebraska bar.  As soon as we hit the stage Kearney proved to us why it is our home away from home.  For years we played in Kearney and now we are back and the shows are better than ever.  I have fond memories of The Ramada but Shooters proves to be the coolest bar Kearney has ever seen.
We also celebrated Thanksgiving in Rock Port, Mo at The Black Iron Grill.  It was surprisingly cold but our fans still came to party.  I remember that three fights broke out during our show at The Black Iron.  Apparently songs about sex,drugs, and rock n roll inspire Missouri boys to get a little punchy.  
In December our residency stayed strong at The 21st Saloon.  We also celebrated Hot Rod's second 29th Birthday.  I can't remember laughing this much in my entire life.  The shows have been great, the fans have been great, and everyone is really looking forward to The New Year.  
We have a lot of surprises in store for 2013 but our year hasn't ended yet.  We have three shows to finish out 2012.  Friday night we will be at The 21st Saloon to celebrate Christmas with all you Omaha fans.  This will be our first annual 3D In Your Face Gift Exchange.  Bring a present worth $10 and lets put the finishing touches on 2012.  Saturday we will be in Des Moines, Ia for a private show.  Monday, New Years Eve we will be in Rock Port, MO at The Black Iron Grill

See you all soon.
Thanks for the memories


  1. Thanks for the kind words brother it has been an honor to become friends with all of you very amazing fellas i love every min of it thanks rocking my face of Chappy

  2. Yeah I recall the burn out contest, had the best seat for the show right in front of the bus. Great show that night but they're all great. I've enjoyed falling in with y'all and getting to just BS and hang out. Thanks also for making the wife's birthday special man I appreciate every chance we get to see ya! Looking forward to more mayhem in 2013 and until I see y'all again Hair in the Air!

  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments here. These contests need to reach every music lover in every corner of the world. Best of luck to the band for the future prospects and perspectives.